Eco-friendly and organic gardening

Our Mission

Garden 360 is a team of professionals specialized in tree pruning, garden design and garden maintenance.


Respect for environment

We respect the environment and the health of those who live their own green space.



We use specialized techniques for garden and plants maintenance.


Organic Products

We use only organic products because our mission is to respect the environment.


Zero emissions

We choose the best zero emission tools.

Our services

We take care of your garden by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing all types of noise during the work phase, using only natural and organic products, helping to make your environment more livable, safer and healthier. The experience gained and continuous studies on tree management allow us to offer you a professional and tailor-made service. For tree pruning services we are enabled to use the tree climbing technique, which allows us to work better and safely. Our staff is prepared and updated, leaving you the total tranquility of being entrusted to capable professionals. The knowledge and qualifications acquired become an important value to be transmitted to all our customers.

No noise, no exhaust gas, no bad smell. We choose not to use synthetic chemicals but natural and organic products. We have replaced the old fashioned lawn mowers powered by fuel with zero-emission electrical equipment.

It is not just an environmental issue, it is the health of your garden and of those who live it.


Great gardens often have an element of hard and soft landscaping within them, and at Garden360 we provide a number of landscaping options to add value and interest to your space. We have a team with more than 12 years landscaping experience who work with pride and attention to detail to achieve a pristine finish, making your outdoor space look fantastic and allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.


We design your whole outdoor space from furnishing elements to lighting, from the choice of plants to the maintenance scheme. Let us create an environment suitable for your needs, to enjoy with your family.


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