Who we are

Who we are

Are you tired of being surrounded by chemical contaminants and greenhouse gases?
Do you want to help make the world around you safer for you and your loved ones?
Are you looking for someone who can contribute to the cause by keeping your garden organic and sustainable?

Garden 360 is responsible for designing, building and above all maintaining your garden in a sustainable way thanks to the use of eco-friendly maintenance techniques, use of zero-emission electrical equipment and organic products.

What we do

Our mission is born from wanting to make safe the spaces you live and share with your loved ones.
Reducing greenhouse gas and noise emissions makes the environment more livable both for those who work and for those who use the green areas we treat.
The use of organic products allows you to live your garden 100%;
walk barefoot on a natural lawn, pick fruit from your own plants and only worry about enjoying the refreshment that only a green space can give you.

Alessio D'Ovidio

alessio dovidio

Alessio opened together with massimiliano wennerlund  the english branch of Garden360 in 2008. He has achieved a 5 year experience and RHS certificare working in Rome and Manchester where his love for Italian gardens and British landscapes blend.

Massimiliano Wennerlund


Graduated at the “G. Garibaldi” Agricultural Technical Institute in Rome. Graduated in “Technical landscape management” at the agricultural University of Perugia, Italy Continuous specialization in “management and maintenance of trees in an urban environment” at the school “Alberi Maestri di Assisi”, AiFOS recognized specialist training center. He collaborated with the Municipality of Rome, for the census of trees of historical and landscape value at the historic villas of the Municipality such as Villa Celimontana and Villa Pamphilj.

Marina Cherubini


She began her training in the world of botany applied to the construction of gardens in the 90s and started the design and construction of green areas. Always passionate and attentive to the correct choice of plant species.