Beer & Snails: how to save plants and gardens from destruction


Beer & Snails: how to save plants and gardens from destruction

There is a simple and inexpensive method to protect yourself from snails … beer!

Yes, snails are fond of beer.
And no, you won’t find them at the local pub with their other snail friends…

It will definitely be easier to observe them in your garden where they are likely to be found munching on your precious plants…

Beer, however, will help you eradicate them. Let’s find out how!

Poor garden!

Snails or slugs: they are both greedy fans of plant leaves, of your crops and of your flowers.
With a humid and not too sunny climate they proliferate, creating a lot of garden and crop damage.
The worst damage tends to be to leaf vegetables – especially salads – and young seedlings the become completely defoliated.

How to protect your plants from snails?

There are many methods but often there is a the bad habit of using chemical snail killer.
There is no doubt that this type of granular bait works.
Unfortunately it is the contraindications that too often tend to be overlooked and we believe we should distance ourselves from these unhealthy approaches.

Maintaining an eco friendly organic garden means having to consider some fundamental aspects to keep one’s garden healthy.
We must also remember that any chemical element has to go somewhere – and this is where it ends up lost in the environment:

  • poisons the soil
  • contaminates vegetables
  • becomes dangerous for children
  • and for pets.

Beer: the natural remedy for snails

A very simple remedy to implement is to use beer traps for snails.
It is cheap, practical, easy to make and selective: it is rare for other insects to fall into beer.

But why do snails like beer?

Whether it’s alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic beer it doesn’t matter: snails are attracted a lot by the smell of fermented yeast and beer sugars.

How to make snail beer traps?

snails beer trap

Just a simple jam jar!
Beer traps for snails are really simple to make.

Here’s what you need:

Jam jars and beer. It’s that easy!

Take the jar without a lid and place it into a hole int the soil beside your plants. Leave about two centimetres of pot out and fill it for 3/4 with beer.
In doing so, at night, the snails are attracted by the beer and end up drowning in the jar. (Remember it’s better than chemicals!)
Just check the next morning to see how many snails were aiming for the plants in your garden.
Once you know that it works, empty the jar and put the beer back.
Et voila, that’s it.

If you have a real invasion of snails in your garden, then the homemade remedy may not be so effective.
In this case it is advisable to contact experts, as long as they know how to treat the problem with natural and biological methods.

Other natural methods

In addition to beer, we can benefit from other natural remedies.
One of these is coffee.
The snails fear dust because it can stick to their soft and moist body, drying it.

Another ingredient that is readily available is salt.
The table salt completely dehydrates the snails.
The main contraindication is that
in the long run the salt becomes herbicide for your lawn, thus damaging the soil.

A curiosity: which beer do snails prefer?

It seems that snails prefer some beers compared to others.

This is because the substances associated with fermentation can differ greatly from beer to beer.
We’ve been led to believe that Budweiser is much more attractive than others.

Although we cannot know for sure!
What is certain is that the method works and this allows us to do it in a simple and economic way.

The worst that can happen is that you’ll have to drink the beer yourself if it doesn’t work out!